Against Corvid Traps (ACT) is aimed at exposing the cruelty of Corvid Traps, and the way they are misused to catch Raptors (birds of prey). Although mainly used by gamekeepers, a small proportion (almost always Larsen Traps) are used by domestic households to catch magpies, rooks, crows and jackdaws. The traps are most commonly set during February to May, but can be in use all year round in some places including the summer months and that untold thousands of magpie chicks have starved to death in their nests due to their parents birds being trapped.


If you feel there are any circumstances that we
should investigate, or you witness any suspicious activity involving birds of prey and traps, please contact us with as much information as possible.

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and anonymity guaranteed.


  • To awaken public awareness of the cruelties associated with Larsen traps and the larger multi crow traps.
  • To expose the great risks to birds of prey that these traps pose – particularly from the larger multi-traps.
  • To expose this inhumane aspect to shooting sports for which the public are largely in the dark.
  • To lay the foundations which will ultimately lead to abolition of these traps.


Look out for these traps.
Gather any evidence of cruelty and if found call the RSPCA: 08705 555999
If you find any birds of prey in traps, call the RSPB: 01767 680551 and ask for investigations
Send us your photos and details of any birds found trapped.

ACT Leaflet (Right Click to download and save the leaflet)