Inhumanity of those using Larsen traps

Jonathan Darcy, a contributor a UK based internet hunting forum, gave this revealing account of how he uses a wounded bird for the “decoy” that attracts other birds to his Larsen trap (we apologise in advance for Mr Darcy’s spelling and grammar):

IMHO forget the jay mate. Theer are two ways to get a call maggie and one is to lend/load or beg one off someone. the other is to go out now , while there is still no leaves on the trees and shoot some at night by looking for their sillouette in the trees. If you shoot enough you will find the odd one is a winged “runner”. beware, they can run bloody fast!!! best to use the clipped bird to get the first maggie, then use the new bird. I used to supply a good few “first” call birds to the guys local. We used to have a larson in thr garden at this time every year. i think best we ever got was 14. In 10 years of using larson only ever got maggies, never got a crow or a cat…. they are a very good trap. good luck.

It is likely this is not an isolated event, and underlines the cruelty of those using these traps.