Multi-traps come in the shape of Ladder traps (letter box trap)and Cone or lobster pot traps. Almost all aim to catch crows, mostly by use of decoy birds. The multi-trap has been used for several decades for trapping crows.

These traps are almost all used by gamekeepers and will often catch Raptors.

Man killing crows in a Ladder trap

Gamekeepers have historically been hostile to Raptors, and inevitably many trapped birds are killed. An example being this case in April 2005 when two gamekeepers (Leslie Morris and Michael Clare) from the Bradenham Hill Pheasant Shoot, West Wycombe, Berkshire were convicted of killing a buzzard they found in their crow multi-trap.

Many Multi-traps can be found in Scotland. Scottish law requires corroboration in terms of evidence. If you do find something that you suspect is illegal, try to get a second witness and photographic/video footage of the event. Note the time and a six figure grid reference of the site. For legal and safety reasons, do not touch or interfere with the (alleged) crime scene. Please phone the RSPB (Scotland) on 0131 3116500 or 01767 680 551 (England and Wales).