DEFRA have called for submission of evidence relating to the General Licences before 13th May 2019

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Submission by ACT to DEFRA relating to general licence

We have held a meeting with senior officials of Natural England and submitted our evidence to them before, but never any action.We made it clear that the general licence was broken and even suggested we would provide them with filing cabinets to keep licences that were applied for, so there was some chance of preventing widespread abuse.

The general licence system does not work as no one knows where the traps are and so no chance of enforcing Animal Welfare Act. Because crime is rife, we are forced to trespass: and getting police action is almost impossible as the trap setter can even deny knowing about them.The 101 system has such delays, a sick bird cannot wait for treatment, and then police will not act as they say bird may not necessarily have come from the trap, or we interfered with the water bottle/ food or perch etc.See: Abuse of corvids in Larsen traps;

No prosecutions despite police seeing this evidence.

Abuse of ladder traps for corvids:

Note hear there is no shelter and jackdaws and crows are killed in front of others, some wounded, and then a few are left as decoys.This is a problem with ladder traps they do not require shelter, but are actually used as decoy traps and great inhumanity is caused.Again no enforcement of Animal Welfare possible as all on private ground and not recorded.

Abuse of trap stock birds:

Birds are kept as stock for Larsen traps and Ladder traps and often neglected.These birds were foundby us trespassing inside a release pen in Hampshire at risk to ourselves.Great neglect is caused by storing corvids over winter and unless we trespass, no hope of anyone ever knowing.

Use of traps in private gardens should not be allowed as the trap actually deters nesting birds and so the purpose of the trap to protect flora and fauna in that garden is not possible to achieve.Proofing and scaring cannot be tried as the owner does not own surrounding gardens.These traps also cause neighbours to be at war with each other through upset at this inhumane trap, and also the fact it deters birds nesting for several gardens by attracting magpies.

We attach report compiled in 2016 exposing abuse caused by General Licence

Submission by Simon Wild, ACT

Report: Against Corvid Traps: Larsen Trap Report 2016